Closing Roundtable Session: Future Directions & Implementations for Our Anti-HER2 Drug Development Efforts’

Time: 3:30 pm
day: Day Two


  • Tables thoughts and rationale on potential best combinations for own HER2 agents
  • Tables thoughts on biosimilars
  • Peers thoughts on understanding the effects and pathology on downstream signaling when resistance arises
  • Peers thoughts on the movement towards considering the entire patient journey in treatment & regulatory input
  • Are HER2 antagonists interesting to the table?
  • Thoughts on dealing with the lack of homogeneity – future directions and how to advance this space
  • Peers views on designing for approval in monotherapy vs combination therapy
  • Opinions on how to best take novel targets into the clinic
  • Tables thoughts on disease selection & challenges that come with it
  • Opinions on where is this field going?