Allogeneic Natural Killer Cells Engineered to Express HER2-Directed CAR, Interleukin-15 & TGFβ Dominant Negative Receptor Effectively Control HER2+ Tumors

Time: 4:00 pm
day: Day One


• We describe here CAT-179, a novel transposon engineered CAR-NK cell therapy for HER2+ solid tumors
• CAT-179 cells express three transgenes: a HER2-directed CAR to effectively eliminate tumor cells, a transforming growth factor  (TGF) dominant negative receptor (DNR) for resistance to TGF-mediated immune suppression in the tumor microenvironment, and interleukin 15 (IL-15) to enhance NK cell persistence and activity for durable response
• CAT-179 addresses key hurdles to allogeneic cell therapy for solid tumors and is a promising new therapeutic approach for HER2 expressing breast, gastric and other tumors