Neha Pant

Neha Pant

Company: Pieris Pharmaceuticals

Job title: Global Program Lead, Cinrebafusp alfa


Tumor-Localized Co-Stimulatory T-Cell Engagement by the 4-1BB/ HER2 Bispecific 9:30 am

• Exploring the drug discovery process: target identification and validation, antitumor effect, pathway understanding, biomarkers • Discussing potential indications • Forecasting the future to be monotherapy and/or combination dominated • Discussing the biomarker and patient status • Latest data and future directionsRead more

day: Day Two

Panel Discussion: The Evolution of Development & Use Beyond Breast Cancer 10:00 am

• Sharing insights into future directions and what to anticipate as standards evolve for HER2 drugs in the clinic • Addressing current treatment regimes and rational order of therapy • Delving into combination thoughts and current status • Understanding the current pitfalls in sequencing and selecting patients: how is HER2 high vs HER2 low evolving?…Read more

day: Day One

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