Welcome to the HER2-Targeted Therapies Summit

Finding novel anti-HER2 targeted therapies to counter drug resistance, optimize duration of response and prevent disease relapse has never been more important.

Two decades worth of HER2-targeted therapy data and rapid tech developments in quantitative pathology present a timely opportunity to explore new frontiers for HER2-targeted drug development and expand the clinical utility HER2 as a pan-tumor target.

This action-packed two-day agenda holds 24 presentations from industry and academic leaders and 5+ hours of networking, so you can join the only platform discussing the challenges in developing the next generation of HER2-targeted therapies with superior clinical safety and effectiveness.

Join this critical global forum which will be uniting industry specialists from pharma, biotechs, academia and solution providers as we target the most critical issues in accelerating novel HER2-targeted therapies to market and HER2-expressing patients with unmet clinical need and maximize the commercial opportunity of HER2 as a drug target.