Expanding the Clinical Utility of HER2 as a Multi-Tumor Target, Overcoming Resistance Mechanisms & Optimizing Pharmacology of Next Generation
Anti-HER2 Drugs

The momentum in anti-HER2 drug development is impossible to ignore:

Hot-off-the-press at ASCO, outcomes for HER2-expressing breast cancer are patients constantly improving; advancements in diagnostics, trial design and innovative drug design are at an all-time high; complementing the newly accessible HER2 ‘low' space and wider range of tumor indications; the last year has given us more progress in HER2-targeted therapies than ever before.

As such, the HER2-Targeted Therapies Summit returns for its second year as the only industry-dedicated forum for large pharma, biotech and academia to unite under one roof to discuss these developments, gain competitive insights and ultimately turbocharge practice-changing anti-HER2 drugs to patients.

As the clinical and commercial opportunity of HER2-targeted therapies becomes apparent, join us to connect with 70+ HER2 experts and expand the clinical utility of your pipeline by exploring HER2 as a multi-tumor target.

Top Highlights you missed in 2022:


Explore the next generation, novel drug modalities targeting HER2 including ADCs, bispecifics, TKIs, CAR and cancer vaccine approaches in early clinical development


Investigate HER2 pathology in the HER2 low, HER2 mutant and HER2 amplified settings across indications spanning from breast to colon, biliary tract, lung cancer and more


Rationalize combination approaches and crack the sequencing conundrum to attach brain metastases and overcome resistance mechanisms


Target HER2 with precision and apply personalized assays through learnings from innovative basket clinical trial designs


Examine the competitive HER2 therapeutic landscape to understand impacts on pricing, commercialization and patient access

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