Welcome to the HER2-Targeted Therapies Summit

This is the key in-person meeting for any research team developing HER2-centred therapeutics, either monotherapy or in combination, to revolutionize treatment options for patients. If you are a research team striving to create best-in-class HER2 therapeutics, this is a unique networking forum that has been curated with you in mind.

This meeting is expanded 2022 into:

  • Accessing the HER2-targeting potential in areas of vast unmet clinical need with a dedicated workshop day 
  • Diving into more novel drug modalities than ever before 
  • Exploring further content on HER2 in cancer indications beyond breast cancer 
  • Basket trial designs 
  • The hottest drugs in early clinical development 
  • How innovation in this competitive space feeds into one of the largest areas of booming development and progress in oncology right now

Top Session Highlights you missed in 2022:

  • Current progress in ADCs, bispecifics, CART, and many novel approaches to HER2-targeting, as well as targeting HER2 as a pan-tumor target with Triumvera, MD Anderson, Pieris, Seagen, and Daiichi Sankyo
  • Progress in the HER2 expression quantification debate and how current leaders are overcoming challenges in tumor heterogeneity to improve patient stratification with Affibody, Harvard Medical School, Duke Cancer Institute, and Aleta Bio
  • Rationale and updates in combination strategy, addressing resistance and metastasis, and novel targeting mechanisms with Genentech, Eisai, ALX Oncology, Merus, Molecular Templates, and Bolt Bio
  • Optimizing basket trial design, treatment regimes, and the safety/potency balance of your HER2 drugs with Sanofi, CARISMA, MD Anderson, and more
  • Networking in person with your peers, ask your burning questions, build connections, and fully immerse yourself in the world of HER2